Smoker’s week

Graz, 2011

We´ve watched seven different smokers (eg, a grandmother, a boss from work, a roommate etc.) for seven days. We marked their every cigarette into our timeline, which has been created by a 30 meters long fax role looped in a circle. Each circle symbolizes one day of a week, each timeline row belongs to one person, each hole represents one smoked cigarette. There are also noted times inside the installation. You can see how the grandmother begins with the cigarette at five o´clock in the morning and before others get up, she has already smoked four cigarettes or how the number of dots increases in the Friday night….

Co-authors: Tomas Kubak, Miroslava Mertova, Andrzej Sandel Type and year: School project, 2011 Location: Graz, Austria Supervising teacher: Hans Kupelwieser